Our stewards are responsible for :

We currently have kitchen steward dish washing & kitchen cleaning
duties, full time/flexible schedule for mornings, evenings, weekends,
and varied holidays.

Our stewards are responsible in the Food and Beverage department
for washing and sanitizing pots, dishes, equipment and supplies.

The kitchen steward has lent professionalism,
dignity and technicality to what was previously
considered a menial chore.

Today, it is not just about doing dishes and
mopping the floors.

Clean designated equipment, dispose of kitchen substances (such as grease) and kitchen chemicals properly, empty and
clean trash cans, transport garbage containers to dump sites adhere to recycling regulations.

Clean and sanitize production equipment, work surfaces, and kitchen according to cleaning schedules and procedures.

Clean floors, walls, hoods, vents, and mats.

Clean and sanitize all china, glassware, silverware, flatware, pots and pans.
Cleaning and sorting all dishes, utensils, silverware,

Distributes and stores clean pots, dishes, and utensils.

Empties trash containers as required.

Ensure restaurant and banquet kitchens have the requisite amounts of the above to properly
open their shifts and that there are sufficient Queens and racks in which to place dirty dishes,
silver, pots and pans.

Handling objects, products, chemicals, cleaning supplies and utensils.

May assist with other duties as assigned.

Monitor chemicals and water temperature during shift. Clean and organize
associated work area and kitchen equipment according to procedures to
maximize efficiency.

Operate dish washing machine, place clean dishes in assigned storage location.

Performs dish and pot washing.

Master Team offers employees staff as team player cutting edge experience in the world of

Stewarding to the top

General cleaning duties; walk-in coolers, floors, ovens.
Ensuring the kitchen areas are cleaned following sanitary and safety

Ensuring all kitchen garbage is collected and properly disposed. Stocks
dishes, glassware and silverware in the appropriate storage areas.
Position requires excellent guest service skills and availability to work a
flexible schedule.

Collected and properly disposed, stocks dish ware glassware and
silverware in appropriate areas; position requires excellent guest service
skills and ability to work a flexible schedule.

It's the job requires ability to perform
the following :

Responsible for loading & unloading dishwasher, maintaining
cleanliness of the kitchen, storing clean items, sweeping & mopping
floors, and gathering & discarding trash.

Responsible for the proper sanitation and cleanliness of all kitchens
and food preparation areas, including ovens, grills, stoves, hoods,
fryers, preparation slickers, steam kettles, tables and floors.

Standing up and moving about in the kitchen or other designated areas.

Sets up the dish and pot washing areas.

Sweep and mob kitchen floor at the end of each meal period and after
each spill.