Regular cleaning. We use the mildest method
e can to make the floor look clean again, so we :

       -       Vacuum or sweep regularly to remove
dirt before it gets ground in.

       -       W
ipe up spills at once.

       -       When soil won't come up with vacuum,   
mop with damp mop squeezed out of
cool to lukewarm water.

       -       Rub only enough to remove dirt on

and we :

Wash only when dirt will not come off by milder
methods listed above.

       -       Use solution of warm (not hot) water and detergent;
apply small amount with mop or sponge, rubbing only     
enough to loosen dirt; take up with mop or sponge.

       -       Rinse off all solution thoroughly with clean, cool water;
always rinse well no matter what the detergent or cleaner
says about not rinsing.

       -       In cleaning, try to remove soil without destroying the
wax film on the floor so re waxing does not have to be      
done too often.

The remarkable variety of decorator designs - plus its availability in wood and
stone looks - make it more practical than ever for your home's formal, as well as
casual settings, including dining room, family room, great room, and even
children's bedrooms.

Wherever you install vinyl, it never needs waxing. W
e can wipe away scuffmarks
and food spills with a damp paper towel!

Any way
we add it up, vinyl treatment has the advantage when it comes to beauty,
practicality, economy, and durability.

If you're considering vinyl treatment for your home, you'll be happy to know
there are now one choice with the best guarantees in the industry.


Residential Sheet Vinyl

Cleaning and waxing vinyl floor coverings

We :
Wax a thin coat of self-polishing wax on
dry, clean floor, when washing does not   
bring back shine.

       -       Wax flooring when new, and always
keep it protected with a coat of wax.

       -       Regular wax will give more protection
and shine than one-step wax-and-clean     
products, but will build up over time.

       -       Polishing wax (solvent based) to be
buffed with electric polisher, may also be
used on vinyl if desired.
               It must be thoroughly buffed, following   
directions on wax label. It will not build    

For looks, for ease of installation, for carefree maintenance, for overall durability and
value ... for the price, vinyl can't be beat.

Its rugged versatility accounts for its widespread use in kitchens, bathrooms, family dens,
playrooms, finished basements and workshops.

Vinyl stands up to moisture, heavy household traffic, and the active play of children and

There is only Master Team company.